Sunday, January 24, 2016

A week

A week is a really short amount of time. An amount of time that seems to shrink with each passing year. Remember grade school when a week was an "eternity" and weekends lasted "forever"? Funny how our perceptions change as life fills up with responsibilities and activities, when what was once new becomes mundane, and when we rush through life? Over the past couple of years I've been trying to be more intentional with time and focus, seeking to live in the moment God has given me and not borrow tomorrow's trouble or joy. I haven't always been successful, and I'm not sure it's a lesson I've really learned yet. But this weekend has brought me back to that.

Maybe it was downhill skiing for the second time or an online writing workshop I joined or the school plans I've been working on. Whatever the reason, I have a new sense of moments this weekend. I want to savor them and invest them.  I want to do what only I can do and leave the rest for others that can do it better. I want to love God above all else and serve those around me well. I want to live and love and laugh.

And quite honestly, we've already been doing that often. Garry has had some great opportunities this week as he's worked as a lab assistant, helping students work through questions that come up on starter and alternator projects. Kaleb is learning to drive, and that is a super fun process. I have had some great interactions with ladies lately. Each of these are small things, but added together they are the relationships we're building, the community we're investing in, the road to where we will be. And along the way, there are plenty of beautiful sunsets and flowers to smell.

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