Saturday, January 16, 2016

Update on us and ours...

Christmas break was amazing, and now life is settling into a more normal routine again. A lot has happened with us over the past weeks, so here's a quick update:

Garry is busy at work, making a few small changes while still moving ahead on the Safety Management system he is working on. Students will be back to class next week, but these first couple of weeks have been a great time to catch up with staff, get organized for a new semester, and catch up on office stuff that has piled up over the Christmas break. We are also working on paperwork to allow us to stay here, which has been time-consuming but which we pray will simplify things in time.

I am settling back into normal routine, trying to get organized after a busy Christmas break, catching up on some cleaning and laundry. It's good to be back to school with Kaleb, moving ahead on new material and starting some new studies as we begin the second semester. I've met a couple of ladies recently and continue to invest in a few relationships. I am so thankful for the women God has put in my life in this season!

Kevin started school at Redeemer College University in Ancaster, ON two weeks ago. It's been a whirlwind start as he has learned the ropes of a new place, started classes, and joined the badminton team. He is loving his classes, making friends, and training hard. God is good, always. In this venture, we can already see so many good things for him, though we miss having him around here in Spokane. This weekend he played his first university badminton tournament, which was a good experience. 

Kaleb continues to study hard during his school hours and fills his days with bike riding, friends, and animation. He has recently visited a local studio and is looking forward to spending some time with their crew on a shoot and learning more of the industry. The other day he spent the afternoon learning about editing, a great opportunity to see a new level of professionalism in film. He has been inviting some of his neighborhood friends to church, and one of the guys mentioned on the way that the only other time he'd been to church was at a funeral: what an opportunity! He also had a chance to try snowboarding for the first time over Christmas break, and loves this new-to-him sport. We are so thankful for a group that organizes homeschool ski days that allow him to afford snowboarding!

As we walk ahead in this new year, we're excited about what God is doing here and all over the world. He is writing an epic story in which He offers each of us a part, a part that demands faith and growth and hard work. A part that He uniquely suits us for, and which demands that we daily trust Him for the grace and strength to move ahead. 

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