Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy 21st, Kevin!

This week we celebrated Kevin's 21st birthday! He was home between work in Seattle and a badminton tournament trip and we had a fun evening celebrating his birthday. On his real birthday he'll be in Orlando, Florida playing a tournament, so we decided to celebrate a bit early. Chimichangas and black bottom cupcakes were fun to make for his special day. We laughed a lot. We simply enjoyed being together as a family and celebrating this milestone.

We are so proud of Kevin and the young man he has become over the last years. He is incredibly passionate about what God is doing, fiercely loyal, and amazingly tough. In the last year he has lived in three houses in two countries, competed in some amazing badminton tournaments including his first international tournament, gained varied work experience, and made 3 round trips between Manitoba and Washington. It really has been quite a year!

I am continually amazed that this is really our son, and am so proud of him. Happy Birthday, Kevin!

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