Monday, September 26, 2016

The Colors of Fall

It's fall! I'm not sure how this happens year after year. Living in North America it feels like every time I turn around it's a new season, either it's warming up, cooling down, freezing, or blistering hot. And it seems to happen without notice. Maybe that's because I don't know the signs of upcoming change, or because I want it to stay this way for a while. I'm not sure, but the changing of leaves has made me ponder other changes in our lives.

Garry is back into the swing of things at Moody Aviation, and the incoming class is changing the dynamics of things in the hangar, as is the lack of last year's seniors. We are thrilled to have the software we have been pursuing, and it means training others in its use and imbedding its use with other safety training. New staff also means things change slightly. These are just a few of the things that are changing as the leaves turn color and temperatures begin to fall.

I am also thankful for the ways I am involved at Moody this year, meeting new students and investing in women in mission aviation. I am amazed at what God has done and how His themes are timeless. I'm also enjoying a ladies Bible study at our church this semester, a new thing for me.

Kaleb is a senior, so this is my last year to make decisions about school for the coming year. The last year to scramble around for curriculum, only to realize I didn't get it right and repeat the process about a month later. The last year to introduce myself as a homeschooling mom. Homeschooling will be one less thing I have to juggle in upcoming years, and the thought is both relieving and terrifying.

Kevin is in school at Moody Bible Institute-Spokane, beginning to build a local badminton program, and doing his best to train for international competition. We are enjoying having him here for this chapter, enjoying his stories of school and learning. He is embarking on yet another chapter in his journey, and it is exciting to see him take new steps in that journey.

The fall colors remind me that summer is gone and fall is beginning. Winter is coming. And that reminder is good because it causes me to stop and reflect on things that have changed and ways I have changed. The ways God has changed me, changed us. We are a blessed family to be on this journey with Him, constantly pursued and in pursuit of the God of the Universe.

Fall is, after all, a blessing. And this MAY be the year I say the same thing about winter, though that may take a little longer, given how current my feelings on being cold are.

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