Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Zambia thoughts

I've heard of Zambia most of my life, a place of exotic animals and African safaris. I've seen photos of lions up close and elephants standing in the shade with a safari jeep close by. I didn't believe it, not really. After all, many of the places I've lived are supposedly the source of amazing photos and yet provide a somewhat less-than-incredible reality. However, Garry experienced a real African Safari in Zambia, complete with lions at rest, elephants, many birds, monkeys in the lodge dining room, and many animals I didn't recognize. The tour guides were knowledgeable about the wildlife and the country. The service was exceptional. 

Zambia is, in fact, a beautiful country. And beyond the outward beauty, God is at work! Garry was privileged to spend the majority of his time with folks from Flying Mission Zambia, once more looking into the work that's done and the interviewing the people who do it. Checking out airplanes, accompanying pilots on flights, and looking through the paperwork filled his days. 

What he found was a unique, inter-cultural team of great passion and purpose. He heard their hearts for the people of Zambia and their passion to share the love and truth of Jesus. He experienced some of their investment in this land and the work that God is doing as a result. A young German couple were a special blessing as he is a pilot and she runs the guesthome. Their desire for excellence was outstanding, their hearts for ministry amazing. 

Another blessing of Garry's time in Zambia was attending a local church and fellowshipping with believers. He enjoyed the sermon and was challenged by it. After church there was a fellowship time on the lawn, and Garry heard from a couple how God is allowing them to be involved in the country with high-level government officials. 

Far back in the history of Zambia is colonization by the British, and the British influence remains. So, also, does much of the infrastructure that the British built in Zambia. Soon after discussing this with Garry I was listening to the radio and heard a statement to the effect that God has left His people on earth to colonize it with His people. I was challenged by the thought, challenged that what we do can make a difference in a hundred years, and what we build in truth and justice can last. 

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