Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Opportunities to Trust

This week has presented an extraordinary number of opportunities to trust God. Not exactly big things or urgent things, but things coming to light that could dramatically change our lives. Things like new laws and paperwork. Things like a tree threatening to fall on our house. Things that can feel like you're standing on a mountain of pebbles that is starting to shift. 

These opportunities have made us ask God new and different questions. They've put our prayer lives in overdrive. They've made us sit down with our boys and discuss life and God and faith. They've made us ask for backup from the people who stand with us. It shouldn't be surprising that these opportunities for faith are also allowing us to see God work in a different way.

The tree didn't fall on the house, and as I sit here it is being removed by a small team of professionals. However, until it leaned over the house last Friday, I wasn't aware of the danger nor in awe of the size of that tree. As we've been watching it lean, measuring its location, and trying to predict which way it would fall if it did, I've come to respect that 100-foot tree in a new way. It's enormous.

This morning I got this devotional by Sylvia Gunter in my inbox. It reminded me to pray God-sized prayers. Like with the tree, focus makes all the difference. Prayer allows us to see God's power and goodness in new ways. Focusing on Him brings Him to the foreground and dwarfs our circumstances. And I am so incredibly thankful for the Body who constantly reminds us of this truth!

When unexpected things come at us, we sometimes forget the everyday things of life. Still, it is the building of day after day that creates growth and grows opportunity. Garry has enjoyed instructing in labs this week as students have completed a section on the landing gear. Various students and staff have shared experiences that helped them learn something, and he's been figuring out the best way to share those experiences with staff and students. He is also beginning to plan for our safety seminar that is coming up early next semester.

Kevin wrote an article for the Mosaic, Moody's newspaper, last week. He is enjoying connecting with some of the other Communications majors through that. Last week were midterms, a nice reminder that the semester is half over for him.

Kaleb has had a great opportunity at his internship to work through the various stages of creating a commercial for a company. It's been a great learning opportunity as he's researched and organized and planned. One of the blessings of the internship is a chance to work with Josh, a creative young man who is also interning with Mortimore Studios.

May we enjoy the journey and see life in God's perspective, whether we are facing the unknown or a world where we feel comfortable.

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