Thursday, October 27, 2016


This week when Kaleb went to work at his internship he worked on writing a script. Now, Kaleb works hard at his internship, doing what's asked, watching what's going on, and trying to learn. But sometimes, the mundane tasks make the time crawl. Other weeks the time flies as he engages with more interesting tasks. When he came home this week, he was super excited. His work may actually become part of something that is produced for the public! Suddenly, he could see the value in what he was doing. And not only did he come home excited about that work, he was excited about the editing and scripting he is doing at home on his own projects. The goal or reward makes all the difference.

In much the same way, when I read about the relief work NTM is doing after Typhoon Haima in the Philippines, it makes me excited about what we do here. When I get news of a translation project being supported by mission aviation it makes me smile. Word of a medical evacuation made possible by an airplane makes my day. These are the things that we are about, not just the physical work being done or physical help being given, but the Good News that is spread, the transformation is that is being supported by missionary aviators. As one student put it last week, "It isn't about flying and maintenance. It's about loving Jesus."

Garry has been looking for different ways to share information that is gathered, ways to make sharing learning experiences helpful for more people. He has begun to send out a QASAR letter, each one focusing on a possible hazard. He has also had his share of meetings this week. Beyond the scheduled meetings are many "chance meetings" with students and staff.

Kevin and I are both part of a writing guild started by Jerry Jenkins, and this week we were able to meet him when he was in Spokane for meetings. It was great to connect with him for a few minutes. I was thrilled when he gifted us a book he wrote about MAF's relief work after an earthquake in Indonesia, The Night the Giant Rolled Over. It's amazing to me how many things he has written about  and I feel super privileged to be learning from him on the guild.

Learning and teaching, it's really a great cycle. Growing and investing. Giving and taking. Passing on what so many have invested in us. Doing today what we can today to help future mission aviators succeed.

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