Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Faith in Action

This week I've been reminded that faith requires action. Faith means not only believing what you say you believe, but acting on it. Not just talking about what needs done, but actually doing it. And sometimes the hardest action of all is waiting. Not passively letting life go by, but refusing to take action until you know what action you need to take. Not sitting by and hoping someone else will get involved, but engaging in this moment while you wait for clear direction for the next moment.

As housing and paperwork questions continue to require prayer and attention, this week we've been challenged to keep doing the things in front of us, getting involved in the things we see God doing around us. This week Kaleb has had some unique opportunities to attend and serve. The first was attending "Skate Church", a local ministry to skate kids. He is a BMX and dirt jumping guy, but he enjoyed trying some tricks on a scooter and connecting with various kids. It was fun to "do church" at an indoor skate park! This group has an amazing passion and God-story, and it was neat to join them for last Sunday's service.

The second opportunity Kaleb got involved in was "Trunk or Treat" fall festival at our church. I was impressed with how many of the youth volunteered at this event, helping build a huge box maze, face painting, serving, and interacting with the kids who came to the festival. Kaleb enjoyed serving with his friends and interacting with various kids. One of our neighbors who is typically very distant toward anything religious showed up, and Kaleb was able to chat with him a little. What a blessing to see the many ways God is calling His Body to interact, serve, and bless the community and one another!

Garry has been working on forms for the safety program this week. I am continually amazed (but not surprised!) at his attention to detail and his thought processes as he develops a program that is simple, helpful, and practical. It looks like he may be able to take some turbine engine training in a few weeks, which would be super helpful as he continues to invest in technical excellence here at Moody Aviation. He's also been chatting with real estate people, talking to the lawyer, and overall being amazing with the things that need attention.

This evening I am privileged to host a staff wives prayer and planning meeting. After having to miss the last meeting, I am excited to catch up with the other women and hear what God is doing in their lives. What a blessing to ask God together for His direction for the ladies involved at Moody Aviation and to serve together!

These simple, ordinary things are where our faith is taking us these days. And yet, the journey is anything but ordinary and the choices seldom seem simple. After all, faith always calls us to engage in the epic battle of good and evil, passion and complacency, and the invisible.

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