Saturday, November 19, 2016

Update on Questions & Challenges

I realized this morning that though I have alluded to some major challenges and possible changes, I haven't actually written down the various challenges we are facing these days. All these things came up in a matter of a week, and though some questions have been answered, others are still "in process".

Kaleb's request for citizenship was denied, which meant that we either needed to relocate or proceed with more costly paperwork. Update Nov 18: Someone generously offered to pay for the next big step in the paperwork process!

Our landlords let us know that they need to sell the house, which means we are moving sooner or later. And the process of listing (and hopefully selling) has required a fair amount of time investment in allowing them access to the house for fixing, photographs, and inspections. Currently the house is on the market and available to be shown with a couple hours notice. While the house has not shown often, it means being in a state of alert at home and realtors that want to show it having access.

The pending sale of the house also means we need to find somewhere else to live. We have often thought that purchasing a house would be a great option, but we found out that laws have recently changed. These laws basically mean for us that if we choose to purchase a home we need to change organizations. So far we haven't found anything that seems reasonable to rent: we are asking God for a house that fits our budget closer to Moody Aviation for quicker access to ministry opportunities. So far, we haven't found anything, but we are believing God for His house in His time.

We'd love for you to join us in asking God for answers to each of our questions. If you'd like to receive weekly e-mail updates with more specific requests, please e-mail me!

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