Thursday, January 25, 2007

Conference! I think I mentioned before how much we enjoyed our few days at a nice campground here in the Philipines. This is an annual event where all the missionaries from the three different islands get together for teaching and encouragement. We all enjoyed meeting people we hadn't met before, and seeing folks from other islands that we rarely see.

One of the very special things at this conference was a team from California. A large group came from a church there to do children's programs. They gave and gave, blessings us all! They were wonderful with the kids and had a great plan for the week. We also enjoyed getting to chat with a few of them, hearing the "God stories" of their lives and how they came to be part of this team!

We are back home and getting back into routine now... at least for a little while! Garry has been working on organizing some major projects at the hangar. He's been busy in his office lately, but I think he's hoping the end is in sight! I've been organizing things at home and getting Kevin started back on his schoolwork. Next week we'll add Kaleb's school to the mix.

For those of you who have been checking this blog and not finding anything new-- it has been a long time! I'm hoping to be back to posting at least several days a week as the next weeks and months promise to be interesting with some teams coming to work, several sets of visitors, and a travel schedule unfolding for our family!

Today we're off to the beach with our co-workers, hoping to take in some sun and maybe catch a few good waves! One of the blessings of living in the tropics is that it's never too cold for the ocean!

Have a great weekend!

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