Sunday, January 28, 2007

One of the things we really enjoy is watching our boys try or learn something new. This past week they've been thrilling us with a number of fun things... Kevin has been learning yoyo tricks, and Kaleb is trying some of them also. Kaleb has also added some new things to his tree fort, which he tells us is quite cozy already!

The boys have also been doing some cooking... Kaleb found he loves to squeeze juice-- either tangerine or orange! He also put together some pizzas on pita bread for supper the other evening. Kevin baked an amazing batch of chocolate chip cookies on Friday when we had company for supper!

Today Garry is back in the air, taking the last of "our" missionaries back to their location. His flight got a rather late start because while running up the engine for take-off he found a fouled plug. Thankfully he was able to clean it up quickly-- or however you fix them, it was relatively quick! On his way home he'll make another flight to take home a tribal person who came to town for medical attention. This lady is expecting a baby soon and had been unable to eat for several days before coming to town. She apparently had malaria and needed blood. She is much better now and will be glad to be home again!

The boys and I are just finishing up today's school lessons. Until lunch I'll be working on office work for the program. We'll likely eat our sandwiches in the office while listening to the radio. This afternoon some ladies are stopping by to pray together, then the boys and I will go to the badminton courts to get some exercise.

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