Sunday, January 14, 2007

No pictures, of all things! We didn't take the camera to conference, so our only photos are on Garry's phone, which is up in the air with him today! Today our missionaries are headed back to their locations.

We enjoyed conference! It was good to meet many people we hadn't met before (the boys and I more than Garry as he's met many more than we had!) and sit under some good teaching. We were encouraged and blessed by our time with the folks from NTM Philippines!

The boys were blessed by a team from California that provided an excellent children's and teens program. Kevin was even able to help pour a piece of cement for a local church! Thanks for your prayers for them-- they were answered!

Once back in Manila we were blessed with a couple of days away, a time to relax. It was wonderful and we came home ready to go back to work and normal life! Since we arrived home last Wednesday all the men have been sick, but so far I've been spared. We've also gotten some great news from my brother (he's bringing most of his family to visit!) our headquarters (help with program things) and from other friends who may also come visit!

I'll be back with photos and more news later, but thought I'd at least say hello!

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