Thursday, April 05, 2007

Garry has been busy with administrative stuff, but is slowly finishing up 660. He sent the paperwork to Manila a few days ago, but it didn't arrive before everything shut down for Easter holidays. Now he is waiting for the papers to arrive in Manila and be filed with the appropriate office. He has a few more small projects to finish on 660 before it's ready to fly. We're praying things go smoothly, because with the flights we have scheduled he will have to do a large inspection on his current airplane if he needs to keep flying it!

This morning the girls and I finished baking cookies to give out to a few friends at the airport. Easter seems an appropriate time to thank those who bless us at the airport, so we made a few plates of cookies to pass out. Garry will deliver them later this afternoon.

We are looking forward to another busy day tomorrow as Garry brings the group out. He's also taking some patients back to the location-- patients he brought out Tuesday that hopefully have gotten adequate medical care and are ready to go home!

Blessings to you this Easter weekend!

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