Friday, April 13, 2007

Good afternoon! I started working on this yesterday, but somehow it just didn't quite get finished:)! Know how that goes?!

On Thursday our friends and coordinators from Arizona arrived! Ken stayed in Manila and Garry went there to meet him for some meetings. Cathy came to Puerto and we have been having fun and getting a few things done. Cathy has been helping with Kaleb's school, which has been fun for him (and me!). We've drunk many cups of coffee and enjoyed some serious conversations and a few laughs.

Thanks for praying for Neva's mom. Neva is back "home" here in Puerto today and her mom was released from the hospital today. Apparently she had an acute kidney infection that required some pretty strong intervention. She seems to be doing much better, though I can only imagine she'll need lots of rest as well as to finish her antibiotics and other treatment.

Tomorrow Garry gets home! Although we've had a fun few days, we'll sure be glad to have him home!

Trust you have a great weekend!

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