Monday, April 02, 2007

Good afternoon! Garry is flying and the boys are done with school, so thought I'd take a minute and let you all know what's going on in our lives. This is what Garry should be seeing about now-- a nice little airstrip, beautiful beach, and people anxiously waiting beside the runway!

This week a team is coming to help in this locations. They will be working on a project while having the opportunity to rub shoulders with local Believers. Their schedule is very tight, so we're praying for good weather for their flights on Tuesday and Friday.

God is good-- all the time! Whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, God is good. Good nor bad circumstances are a reflection of God's character-- He is unchangeable while our circumstances change continually.

Blessings to you as you see Him unfold the plans of your life today!


Paula Welch said...

I always love reading your email updates. They are encouraging and informative. Today is the first chance I have had to look at your blog. I will have to look at it more regularly. The boys look so grown up in the photos.
Paula Welch

Gladys, Sarah y Samir said...

Es la primera vez que accesamos al Blog y lo seguiremos haciendo periodicamente de ahora en adelante, es increible el poder de la tecnología para mantenernos en comunicación con el Pueblo de Dios Los chicos están preciosos y tan grandes que casi no puedo creerlo, me siento mas vieja de lo que pensaba que era!!!!!La tía y los primos de Caracas, Abrazos y besos!!!