Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wednesday again... wow! The days keep zipping by at an alarming rate! Garry did a quick flight on Monday and is in the air again today. He was also able to get fuel this week, which a major accomplishment as av-gas is sold nearly as soon as it arrives in town. He is thankful to have enough for several months of flying now!

Many of you have asked how Garry is doing health-wise. That's a rather hard question to answer becuase each day is so different, but overall he seems to be functioning at about 75% of his normal self. While that may not sound great, it's far better than he was doing!

The boys and I have been busy doing each day's schooling and planning for next year. We've been enjoying a good book together each morning and love having a semi-normal routine! When they are finished with school they've been busy in the yard. Kaleb is digging a "well"... it only takes a hole of a foot deep to get to water here. (No wonder we feel like we live in a swamp sometimes!) Kevin is making some new garden beds for green peppers and tomatoes... a sun or shade issue, I believe!

Neva, my helper, is at home with her parents this week. Her brother had a motorcycle accident a couple of weeks ago and now her mom has pneumonia so she wanted to go visit and take some medicine home. The $12 it cost for her mom's perscription was totally out of reach for her family so they were very thankful to have help with the medication. We pray she has a great time at home and it's a nice break for her. Belle is here helping me in the house, which is a blessing!

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