Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's almost 2 weeks now since I posted... wow, I'll have to find a way to fit blogging into my routine a bit more often. I'd just schedule it in if I only had a routine to work with! Life has seemed a bit like that for the past weeks since we left Palawan... lots of things to do, lots of changes, and not much that is scheduled or goes as planned.

Since I haven't had the camera out I thought I'd share a few more photos from our family Christmas...

We have been able to get our school done each day over the past couple of weeks. The boys and I are enjoying having a quiet basement to retreat to for school. Kaleb particularly enjoys doing his reading in the comfy couch by the fire. Otherwise we work at a table and we're beginning to feel like school is a normal part of our day again. Kevin is back to doing math on the computer, though he's had some issues with either the computer or the internet here.

Between school times we've been playing a bit of badminton, doing some shopping for exciting things like socks, and spending time with family and friends. The boys were able to join a badminton tournament this weekend, which they are pretty excited about. In amazing answers to prayer they have also met some of the guys who play at a court in Winnipeg and have enjoyed quite a few matches and some training drills already.

Garry has been busy in the office lately. He's been taking care of some things for the flight program in the Philippines and continuing communication with both our leadership and our team. He was also privileged to make a powerpoint presentation for our church last Sunday evening. Garry has enjoyed catching up with different friends here also over the past week.

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