Thursday, October 15, 2009

Garry's off on an emergency flight today. (Actually, Ben is doing the flight. Garry is riding along to do some recurrency checks with Ben.) A man was caught in a pig trap in one of our remote locations and needs medical attention. The traps have a spring-loaded bamboo blade, which had goen right through one of his calves and into the other calf. The happened yesterday morning and it was 3 pm before he was able to crawl to the nearst people for help.

When the guys got the call for the flight they were working on an annual on the airplane and had it taken apart. So last evening they got it back together and left pretty early this morning to pick up this man. As far as we know, the victim has not had a chance to hear the Good News of Jesus-- pray with us that he and his people survive to hear it and that they are ready to believe when they hear the Truth.

Yesterday I spent a good bit of time getting taxis and a hotel arranged for Saturday. Today I need to get ourselves arranged. It will be an easy move out becuase everything has to go with us. However, we have kitchenette here and have been cooking, so I have a little food that needs taken care of as well as wiping out the fridge and stove. We've actually eaten quite well here-- a mix of egg sandwhiches, chili con carne, and chicken burritos. I figured the fewer the meals the fewer ingredients I'd need to buy, and it has worked out that way!

Kevin was sick yesterday, and we're praying he feels better today. He seems to have a stomach bug, one which I'm also praying we don't all catch!

I also tracked the boxes we shipped from Canada. Unfortunately, they have not yet left Vancouver! It seems that they'll take a while-- the agent told us when we shipped them to expect 6-8 weeks for delivery in Mindanao. However, 7 weeks later they don't appear to be on a ship yet.

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