Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yup, you're right. I still haven't taken any pictures. I really should, you know. And when I'm home sitting at my computer I feel rather guilty about not having done it. Then I go out and promptly forget again!

We're having a great time here in Puerto. Most days:). It has been so good to spend time with Brian and Bailey and Ben and Suzy. The guys have been working on airplanes and doing lots of talking-- sharing ideas and thoughts and options. We ladies have not had as much time together, but I've had good times with both of them sitting and talking, doing a little cooking, and chasing kids.

Several other friends have been here at the guesthome also, and it's been wonderful to connect. It has been particularly neat to hear about the teaching up north among the Agutayen. Though the missionaries are not sure of the response of the people to the Gospel, they continue to teach the Word of God. God Himself knows how many responded in faith: yet is is hard to teach for months and come to the Gospel and receive basically no outward response. What a privilege to know that the Gospel has been clearly shared with these people!

We did ship our container last Friday and it should be arriving in Mindanao this weekend! We also purchased a car that will be shipped soon. God is working out so many details of our move that it is hard to keep track of all that has happened!

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Markus and Sarah said...

Hey Cynthia! So thankful for the way that God is working out the details and providing for your family. Have fun in Puerto catching up with all the dear people there!!!