Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Hi from Palawan! We've had a couple of busy days here already. We enjoyed our trip down. While t the airport in Manila we realized that much of our "family time" over the past 5 weeks has been spent in airports. I really should add up the hours... maybe next time!

When we were landing in Puerto Princesa Kevin exclaimed, "Look, everybody is over there by the hangar!" Sure enough, our co-workers were welcoming us from the open hangar. Once we got our luggage we were excited to actually talk to them! They brought us to the guesthouse and we dragged our suitcases into our room before going out for supper with another friend from Palawan. She was leaving early Monday morning so were thrilled to share supper and catch up a bit.

Monday morning Garry and went out for breakfast due to my poor planning-- I didn't pick up anything to eat. then we headed to the grocery store and got some stuff for the boys for breakfast. Lunch we shared with Ben and Suzy and Brian and Bailey. We had intended to purchase roasted chicken from our favorite place, but they were out of birds. Oh, well.

Last evening we went to play badminton with one of our groups. We took our candy to share-- pasalubong. We enjoyed greeting everyone as they came in the door and laughed when one after another commented on how tall Kevin is (Kaleb actually grew as much as Kevin while we were gone!). Then I had to use the restroom, and in that little room I realized I am back in the Philippines, back to fitting in and doing things I once found odd. You see, there isn't running water in the bathroom, so I got my little bucket of water on the way in. Then, when I was finished I carefully doused the toilet and floor-- yup, I can do this!

This morning I decided to do a little cooking. I started by frying some hamburger. It smelled awful, which reminded me that I had forgotten to rinse it. Oh, well. It will still be Ok... sort of:).

And one of these days I'm going to take some pictures-- really and truly! (These are from Arizona, which is crazy!)

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