Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A couple of weeks ago we went to Davao and saw this beautiful view on the way. God's creation is incredible! We love the beauty here in Mindanao!

It's nearly time to go get breakfast on the table but I wanted to quickly let you know how well the training flights have gone. Garry and Brian have put in quite a few hours in the airplane over the past week and Brian is doing really well. Garry is also feeling very comfortable in the right seat by now!

They've been to our most challenging airstrip twice this week and are planning another flight for tomorrow. All three of these flights have actually been flights for missionaries-- delivering cargo and taking a couple back to their location. These friends are getting ready for a translation check next week so we'll be doing a bit of flying for them and the consultant. Translation checking is a very important part of the process-- making sure that you haven't left out any phrases and that you are communicating well.

Kaleb has a flu right now, poor guy is pretty miserable. The flus that are going around town right now seem to pass quickly, which is encouraging.

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