Thursday, April 01, 2010

I started this post on Easter weekend-- it's been that long since I signed on to blog. Although Easter is long over, I still wanted to post these photos. These are some of the things that remind us every day that we live in a very religious country. A
country that is full of the Bible, full of great quotes, and full of great-sounding signs. Yet the reality is that many people here have no understanding of the Bible and that the Gospel cannot be simply added to what you already believe-- it must be exchanged.

That's a lot like many of us, in fact. We want enough of God to keep our lives happy and full (we forget those promises of suffering and trials) and enough of the world to keep life interesting. God doesn't come on those terms, though. He offers Himself plus nothing. And He is enough. May we not only BELIEVE that, but experience it!

It's a quiet Sunday afternoon here and lunch is starting to smell tempting. Pork roast, brocoli, and baked potatoes are on the menu. We totally enjoy the lovely fresh vegetables we get here. The pork and chicken are also good... the beef is not exactly what we are used to. yeah... maybe the smell of lunch is getting me sidetracked from more important things!

This week Garry has a couple of flights planned-- one training flight with Brian and another to take some missionaries back to their location. Jason and Shirley are expecting a translation consultant to arrive next week to check their translation of Genesis. It's exciting to talk to
them and hear how God is growing the Church in their location. They were telling us yesterday that the believers do some trading with the closest town, selling things they grow. The unbelievers, however, are still afraid to go out of their section of the jungle.

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