Monday, April 26, 2010

Good morning! How is your week starting? Here things are moving at a rapid clip... we spent the weekend with a pretty sick boy and started the week with two flight days. Kaleb's fever went up to 105 degrees on Friday afternoon, so we took him to the doctor. They did some basic bloodwork and said that he had a virus and it would pass with lots of rest and lots of fluids.

The rash he had got really itchy on Saturday. The soles of his feet and his hands were particularly itchy. So itchy, in fact, that he didn't sleep all night on Saturday. We tried cold water, warm water, baby oil, caladryl, Benadry.... everything we could think of. Still, we spent the night sitting with him watching TV and reading. Sunday he was still incredibly itchy. We tried another antihistamine. We asked friends and family to pray. Finally around midnight on Sunday he fell asleep and Monday morning woke up feeling much better. Monday was still a pretty slow day, but today he seems quite back to himself. Thank you, Jesus!

On a totally different note, I thought you might enjoy this sign-- can you imagine advertising that you needed a worker with "a pleasing personality"? And if that disqualified them, exactly how would you tell them?! Let alone advertising that the person has to be single and a particular height and age!

Yesterday and today the guys have been flying. Actually, yesterday Brian did his first solo operational flight on the field! Such a big step forward! He picked up some missionaries who needed to see the doctor and brought them to town.

This morning Garry and Brian went to a different location. They took someone to a city up north and picked up a translation consultant and took her to a remote location. Bailey and I have been busy monitoring the radio. To stave off boredom I've been teaching school, cooking meals, and doing the normal household stuff.

So that's life at our house!

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Kevin said...

i dont think you are ever bored, mostly you have to much to do. cool picture of the sign, where is that?