Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter weekend was lovely! For us, it's Easter. For so many friends here it's "Holy Week", a week of mourning once more for Jesus and His suffering. For them, Easter means it's over-- no celebrating Easter, just mourning until Easter comes. Friends and neighbors that need Jesus, the risen Lord. We are rich and they are poor.

We had a relaxing weekend, complete with worship music, coloring and hiding eggs, and a big Easter dinner with friends. Blessed. There isn't another word for it.

This morning we're back to school here at home. This afternoon I'm meeting a friend from here... my helper for over 3 years. That should be fun:). Garry and Josh continue to work on the airplane. I think this morning they're putting a new pod on it. Maybe they could even take some pictures!

You may remember that in Mindanao we have had huge changes in the way we sort our garbage. When I arrived here in Palawan I asked my helper if we needed to sort the garbage. "No, ma'am. If we sort it, what will the garbage men do?"

"I just thought if we need to sort so they collect it, it's ok. We can do that."

"No, ma'am. If we take out the recycles the garbage men will have no income. It's their part, you know."

"Ok." Culture and expectations... who would think that you were stealing a livelihood by trying to be a responsible recycler?!

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