Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's 9 pm and quiet in my room. I'm listening to some great worship music and being reminded that God is good and He is actively involved in every situation we find ourselves in. Some of our friends are experiencing healing while others are suffering with cancer that appears to be terminal. Some friends are seeing great growth in the churches they are trying to see God plant, while others seem to run into endless struggles and unbelief. Joys. Trials. Healing. Suffering. Grace. Discipline. Abundance. Scarcity. God does it all, in perfect measures.

In fact, many of us are experiencing all of those things at this point in our lives. This weekend was a picture of so many opposite things for us. Kevin injured his hand just before a big badminton tournament that he has been training for over the past months. He played to his potential given his injury, but it wasn't what he'd hoped for. Yet he had a wonderful time with his friends and he learned things he couldn't have learned otherwise. A company offered him a sponsorship with some huge strings attached and our friends stepped in to find something better than we had hoped for.

Garry's back has been healing slowly, but the past few days it has been very sore and stiff. Today we took Kevin to an orthopedic doctor who told him that he needs to start using his hand more or it will begin to stiffen. That advice seems to apply to Garry's back at this point as well. In fact, today Garry helped load the helicopter (yes, the helicopter which has been busy flying for a missionary team today!) and his back feels better than it has since he injured it.

Garry is up north as of this morning, and the boys and I are still in Manila. We are headed back to Palawan on Friday morning and Garry will meet us there on Saturday. We had hoped to go back to Palawan on Wednesday, but we had some issues getting tickets. As things are unfolding we are incredibly thankful for these extra couple of days. It will be good, though, to have our things between two places instead of three:).

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