Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thursday afternoon and it still feels almost like Monday.... Like I'm trying to catch up and get going for the week. I finally got the photos from northern Luzon and Garry's flight with the helicopter there. It is amazing where the helicopter can go and what it can do. It is such a blessing to our missionaries there.Yesterday our friends from further south came to visit. It was so good to catch up. Ungar & Linda are older than my parents and are also still ministering in so many ways. We loved catching up, sharing lunch, having iced tea like old times, and praying together. Our hearts break at some of what they've been through and rejoice at what God has done. Yes, it is good to have friends, good to have fellowship.

Garry and Josh finally finished their maintenance project on the airplane and it is flying very nicely. The new cargo pod looks great and the bigger door will be a real blessing for loading larger cargo (and getting their shoulders through when pushing boxes to the back of the pod).

I decided we're done with school for the week... there are just to many loose ends to tie up before we head home next week. Kevin went flying with Garry this morning and got pretty motion sick. Kaleb is busily making bottle rockets with parachutes... I got a great little video, but I don't have enough internet speed to upload it. Maybe next time:)

I've been trying to buy tickets home. First the internet site said the security certificate was signed by an unknown entity. Then I had several error messages (after waiting about 5 minutes per page for a site to load, that is VERY frustrating!). Finally I went to the ticket office at the airport, only to find out I needed more cash than I had. I got cash and went back, but the office had no power so could not process tickets. I went to the other end of town and purchased the tickets finally, but I in all my wanderings the price of the tickets had gone up 50%. Life. It happens.

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The Røsviks said...

Oh dear. That was quite the process to purchase your tickets. :-/ I feel the same way about today feeling like it should be Monday. Hopefully we can reset our minds this weekend and be ready for Monday when Monday comes. :-) Big hug from Norway...