Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Good morning from beautiful Cebu... we are here for a couple days break before heading home. What a blessing!

We are finished with Josh & Candy's checkout! When we went to Palawan we could not have imagined all that God would accomplish in two months. We are humbled and encouraged by all that God did. Josh and Candy got a thorough checkout, from our perspective. The guys did a lot of flying together and Josh did a lot of operational flights by himself. Garry and Josh did a big maintenance project together, which allowed them a lot of time to discuss maintence things while working. The four of us spent a lot of time discussing the flight program. Candy and I enjoyed coffee, chatting, and bookkeeping together (okay, so maybe the bookkeeping wasn't quite as much fun as coffee and chatting). The kids played cars, built forts, and worked on Lego projects.

Our time in Palawan was such a blessing, in part because we went into this "long-term visit" with lots of apprehension. After all, it isn't easy to relocate for 10 weeks, particularly when you are taking your work with you or working in a new location. But God blessed us with so many good times, good friends, and good memories. Because Puerto is a tourist town we also felt like we could blend in much more than in Mindanao, which was a particular blessing for Kevin who really stands out at home because of his height.

Now we are in Cebu for a couple days break on our way home. So far, it's been wonderful! And we are very much looking forward to getting home and settled back into the normal chaos of our routine. We can't wait to see our friends at home and catch up. Plus, we're getting new partners soon-- adding them to our team, we're not losing our partners!

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