Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I have been incredibly remiss in posting, which most of you don't need me to tell you. It's the truth, all the same!

We had a lovely time in Cebu, simply being together and relaxing. It was a great time to "change gears" from Palawan back to Mindanao. Blessed. I can't think of another word for that time.

Arriving home was challenging, as it often is if you've been gone a while. The house was wonderfully clean, which was a huge blessing. Still, it felt empty and like it hadn't been lived in for a while. I have a new helper (she worked just 2 days before we left for Palawan) which always brings some adjustments. We felt we needed to get back to school quickly because of our planned trip back to Canada later this summer. Plus, there were simply a lot of things that we hadn't done while we were gone, and now they were all trying to catch our attention.

Now life is feeling a bit more settled, though Garry left yesterday which makes it feel a bit strange. The boys and I are getting back into a strong school routine. I've caught up with my friends here, which is half of being settled if you're me.

The tires on the motorcycle needed replacing, and Kevin jumped into the job yesterday. It was a larger project than he had anticipated, in huge part because he only had short screwdrivers to work with, no proper tools for changing a tire! Kaleb has been building with his Lego Technics and enjoying lots of time on his bike. The boys have also been leash training Kody (our dog) a bit... and she is enjoying getting out of the yard more often because of it!

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Patrick said...

Good to see Kevins hand is better.