Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yes, we got all our stuff the other day. I was pretty excited. And the smell of dead fish was very overwhelming when we got in the car! It seems like our stuff was packed in a container with fish! So, we have our back porch full off things lying around to try to air out. Fish is a pretty strong smell... though this morning I was able to use a couple of books that were in the shipment. Hopefully, everything is usable again!

We're having a great time with Paul, our aviation area coordinator. It's fun to catch up with him and hear about our friends in Arizona. The guys are enjoying talking through program stuff and flying together. The kids are enjoying hearing the amazing stories Paul always tells about God's faithfulness. It is just GOOD!

check out Kevin's thoughts... below Kaleb's photo:).


Oh, and by the way, kids can survive without breakfast, though I don't recommend it on a daily basis!

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