Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's Saturday afternoon and I'm back at my favorite coffee shop... I really don't live here, but it's about the only chance I have to blog! Somebody told me that my last post sounded like the grass is greener on the other side of the fence (as in, our years in Palawan were not always easy). That isn't how I feel. We are loving so many things in Mindanao. I simply feel blessed to be enjoying Palawan as much as we are because it is a stressful situation living in a guesthouse for a couple of months. Positive memories and knowing how to get around here are making this time easier than it otherwise would be.

Brian and Bailey are doing a great job in Mindanao. I talked to Bailey the other day... it was so good to hear her voice and simple catch up a bit. I also got to talk to Maycie, who is talking even better than when we left a month ago. Bailey has been busy with radio and the kids lately. Brian thinks he found a truck for hauling fuel...

It is great to be here with Josh and Candy! We are really enjoying getting to know them-- working together lots and hanging out some. Candy and I have been working on some program bookwork lately and it's been fun to do that together. Josh has done several operational flights by himself lately, and they have a full flight schedule for next week also. It is incredible the way God is bringing things together to get Josh optimum flying experience in so many ways!

Kevin and Kaleb are pretty excited to join a badminton tournament tomorrow! Kevin is partnering with a guy he partnered with in his first tournament on his 13th birthday-- that's a long time ago when you're 16! Kaleb is partnering with a friend of his from here. He and Jom have spent a lot of hours making paper airplanes, driving remote control cars, and doing other fun stuff besides loving to compete and partner in badminton.

We are borrowing back our old truck while we're here, which has been a blessing. The alternator went on it this week, so Garry has spent a bit of time running around town trying to get parts and get it fixed. Thankfully it seems to be working again!

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