Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday. The week is nearly gone... a good week, if you're evaluating. I was reminded today that we have so little insight into what is an accurate evaluation of what is "good" or what is "bad". Our eyes are so often focused on the temporal-- comfort, health, possessions, tasks at hand. But the eternal God is writing our story and holding our hands each step of the way!

School days are marching past, some easily and some with a bit of struggle in between. Our school set-up is less than ideal where we're staying, but the boys are finding comfortable places to do the work that needs done!

Garry has been doing a lot of flying with Josh! Here is Josh after his first solo at one of our locations! Way to go, Josh! Garry and Josh are enjoying flying and are thankful for the good weather they've had to accomplish a lot each flight day.

I'm at a coffee shop for some quiet and some decent internet. The speed of our internet at home makes it almost impossible to blog... what a great excuse for a good cup of coffee at a quiet spot! I came in a "trike"-- a motorcycle with a small sidecar attached. When he stopped for me the car was full, so my designated spot was behind the driver. Ten km an hour can feel quite fast when seated side-saddle behind a stranger, hanging on to an overhead handle and ducking under a low roof. Halfway here I realized I could have simply waited for another trike...

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