Friday, March 18, 2011

The coolest thing happened yesterday... the lady who helps me came to work all smiles, "Ate [ma'am], my daughter's teacher told me that she made a mistake. She was confused by similar names and gave my daughter the wrong grades. She will fix it, Ate!" Thank you, Jesus! I wonder if some of you prayed when you read my blog post? I've been praying. I'm sure she's been praying.

Garry and Josh went flying yesterday, and Josh did a shuttle flight himself while Garry waited at one of the locations. Another milestone... when they got home they started work on an inspection and found a possible problem that they want to fix before it gets serious. So today they have the engine open and are hard at work.

Here are some photos with our friends at one of our favorite courts in Manila. The guy beside Kevin is the top junior singles player-- he destroyed Kevin:). If we look a little tired it's because we took this when we finished played one night at 11:30. Too late, that's all I can say! Kevin started training with his first trainer again yesterday and had a really profitable time. Kaleb is pretty focused on BMX biking and climbing trees at the moment.

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours with one of my prayer partner friends. Flower and I met rather randomly at a coffee shop several years ago and began praying together. A few months ago we picked it up again, now usually meeting via phone. However, since we're in Palawan we got to meet face to face and seek God together. What a blessing!

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Kevin said...

hey can i get those pictures sometime?