Thursday, March 03, 2011

Friday morning and we are settling into our new "home" in Palawan... even though it's only for a couple of months, with what we need to accomplish we are doing our best to settle in and get organized. We have a nice guesthome here, and we are in a little house that that is nicely furnished for longer stays. It's a huge blessing!

Garry and Josh are flying today.... actually, Garry has done quite a lot of flying here already, but this is the first time he and Josh have headed out of town. It sounds like they're having a profitable morning.

The boys and I are doing school (I get a break while Kaleb does art). Kevin played badminton with his friends the other evening and is anxious to do so again this evening. It's been a pretty crazy few days for all of us...

We arrived Tuesday and started unpacking, then enjoyed lunch at Josh & Candy's. We ran to the grocery store (which is always a LONG venture) after lunch, then got home in time for supper with Manfred & Nadine. We had planned to meet Ben & Suzy in the evening, but they were too busy with packing.... so we had a short chat and headed for bed.

Wednesday evening we enjoyed pizza with Ben & Suzy and Josh & Candy. In the middle we took Kevin to play badminton for a while since the other kids are all under 8. Thursday Garry did some flying and the rest of us tried to get our "normal" routine started. Last evening we went to the missionary "community dinner" which was really fun and a time to reconnect with a few people we hadn't seen yet. This morning Garry went flying.... and that's the story of our time in Palawan, so far....

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