Thursday, February 24, 2011

We are in Manila! We arrived late yesterday afternoon... getting here is a bit of a process. We drove nearly three hours to the airport, then had an early lunch at Pizza Hut. Shipping some extra stuff to Palawan took over half an hour (turn it in here, x-ray it in another building, weigh it on this scale, pay at that desk, wait for this paper....). The check-in line was actually quite short, and we were in the terminal waiting area quite quickly. Our plane was delayed a bit, then when we got overhead Manila an hour and a half later we had to circle while waiting to land. The taxi ride to the guesthome was quite fast, only about half an hour.

Today Garry got his flight medical without any problems! He still has to pick it up on Monday, but he has done everything he needs to do and it has been approved!

I met a friend for coffee and lunch today and had a lovely visit with her. We talked about an awful lot of things in our short hours together and I was blessed and encouraged. Friends who seek God with all their hearts and encourage you to do the same are one of the greatest blessings God can give us!

And this evening we're taking the boys to play badminton at one of our favorite courts!

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