Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Good morning! It's Thursday and the week has been calmly passing in a normal routine... that's a story. Reality is that it's been crazy since I last posted!

Garry is finally getting over his cold/flu, which is a huge relief. We've spent a lot of time coming up with a new, improved plan for going to Palawan, only to realize we had some major flaws in our plan. We planned out the weekend, then Kevin fell off his bike and hit his tailbone pretty hard. So, he can't sit down at the moment. School was going to be routine, but then... you get the picture! Maybe this afternoon we'll sit down and come up with a truly workable plan for the next few weeks.

Yesterday Brian called and said there was a possibility of going into one of our locations today. The missionaries are currently in town, so Brian needs an extra set of eyes to check things out before he lands. They were able to get in there this morning, and I'm waiting to hear how it went.

This week we also got our helicopter registration! Our helicopter pilot planning to balance the rotor when he gets the ELT installed, then he'll begin flying his ten hours to get his Philippine helicopter license. So, we are making progress on the helicopter. Our missionaries in Luzon will be thankful when it is fully operational and they can move back into their remote locations!


Patrick said...

Glad to see the helicopter fianlly has been approved, an answer to prayer.

Elena said...

What a cute girl in this photo, and she looks content.

Thanks for sharing these photos and the stories it all seems more real you folks way up there,
I think often about your Family way up there but GOD'sS hand is not shorten, He is there the same as He is here that so wonderful.

Love Elena