Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tuesday already? The good news is that Garry's home! We were so thrilled to see him on Sunday afternoon! We all drove to the city to pick him up, enjoy lunch out together, and do a bit of business. We had a few errands we needed to do, and Kevin got to play badminton with his friends in the city.

Garry got home pretty sick... he picked up a nasty flu in Palawan, which he is trying very hard to shake. The flu, it seems, is trying very hard to hang on. Please pray with us for health.

As is my custom, I'm posting photos from last week... or the week before. Kaleb dug a fire pit in our back yard and we've enjoyed sitting by the fire several evenings. We found some good hotdogs (translated "not fire-engine red") that have been fun to roast. We also found marshmallows, which is a fun, unusual treat here. So after our hotdogs we've been making s'mores... lovely! And it is actually cool enough these days to enjoy a fire, another new experience for us here in Mindanao. In fact, it's been so cool that we have all found our buried sweatshirts to wear!

The nearly constant rain is making flights a challenge these days. It still feels strange to text Bailey and ask her what's going on with flights instead of being in the middle of the mix. But it feels good! They are doing a great job with the program here, freeing Garry up to do more travel and other administrative stuff that is keeping him more than busy.

We got our helicopter registration! We are thrilled that we have completed another step towards having an operational flight program in northern Luzon! There are still several steps before our pilot there can begin his field checkout process, but this is a huge answer to prayer!

This morning I got up and shrugged into my robe. I felt something tickling my leg so flicked my robe to get it off. A spider fell to the floor. Stuck to my leg was a large spiderweb. It's only been hanging since Saturday... but such are the bugs.

We got home yesterday afternoon and tomorrow we're headed back to the city to renew my drivers' license and pick up a friend from Canada who's coming to visit! Somehow between piles of laundry, school, and tidying up the house my thoughts aren't very coherent.

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Patrick said...

Thank God for one more step getting the helicopter into action. Praying the rain will not be too much of a problem. Rain is part of God's plan too.