Sunday, February 06, 2011

Monday morning always brings memories of struggling to catch even the simplest concepts in school and the thought that another weekend of fun was a LONG way away. Now weeks come and go so quickly that a weekend is always coming SOON! Funny how the passing of time changes our perspective... I think our perspective will change similarly when we enter eternity: then these seasons of life will all seem SHORT. Today's troubles will, indeed, seem "light and momentary".

Not that our present season even seems that hard. Actually, we are enjoying the moments. But as plans have changed and responsibilities have piled up a bit in the past weeks, it seems there is lots to do and not much time to accomplish it.

Last week Darren came to visit! He and Garry were able to fly into one of our locations. He shared how small this place seemed... and yet how interested God is in what appears small to us. This entire community has been transformed by the Gospel over the past 20 years. In God's perspective, that matters. Size doesn't matter, people matter.

We had a great time with Darren, sharing our lives and hearing what God is doing in their lives and ministry. He and Garry did different things together and we all enjoyed sharing meals, playing a game of Settlers of Catan, and chatting.

Garry is still trying to get over the flu bug he got in Palawan, but he is doing quite a bit better than he was last week at this time. We are thinking through our plans for the next few weeks... when is the best time to go to Palawan? Should we all go together, or should just Garry go again first? When will Garry go to Manila to renew his flight medical? Lots of things to think about... lots of opportunities for God to direct.

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hi. i am quick, just eleven minutes after you post! cool pictures.