Thursday, February 17, 2011

No photos... I'll add some later today if I can get them from Kevin's computer. He's been using the camera and downloading photos.

We have spent a lot of time over the past week talking, thinking, and praying. God hears. He answers. Not always the way we had hoped He would, but He does answer. We feel a sense of peace and direction...

We spent the weekend in the city doing some much-needed shopping, primarily for clothes for the boys due to a generous gift for that purpose! We also enjoyed eating at KFC, going swimming, and going to a coffee shop.

Last week's flight to the remote location went well, and Brian is planning to head back there with the missionaries when they get a few dry days in a row so he can land safely on the airstrip. Garry did some flying yesterday in preparation for our time in Palawan. He enjoyed the day at the hangar with Brian, getting some things organized and talking over different things.

Our house helper quit unexpectedly on Monday, but God brought someone along that is ready to start work right away. Unfortunately she's sick today, but we enjoyed her first day of work yesterday.

Progress in getting our helicopter pilot licensed has been slow. His assigned check pilot was unavailable. His papers got lost. But it seems we're getting back on track now. Our helicopter pilot from Arizona was planning to come next week, so we are praying for unusual speed in the remainder of the process!

Next week we head to Manila, then Palawan. We'll keep you updated on progress... hopefully I'll be blogging again sooner next time!

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