Sunday, March 06, 2011

Good afternoon! It's sunny and HOT here in Palawan at the moment. Actually, the sun is lovely, though the humidity is much higher than we're used to. Kevin went running this morning and after less than half an hour had sweated more than he does in a full afternoon of badminton. Amazing what it does to our energy levels as well!

These are older photos, from when our friend Darren was here. There was a huge tree on a cliff just above one of our airstrips. The guys wondered when it would fall... it fell a couple of weeks ago and the tribal guys are busily cutting up the wood to use. Check out the size of that tree!

Garry and Josh did some more flying this morning. In between their practice they got to have a snack with some of our missionaries.... based on prior experience I'm quite sure they had a wonderful visit and heard about many of the things God is doing in that location, not to mention enjoying some good food! I'm excited to hear all about it from Garry when he gets home!

Kaleb is enjoying having some kids around that are a bit closer to his age... in Malaybalay he is nearly always the youngest, and here he is the oldest one of his little group of friends.

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