Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday. I've actually had a little internet a few times, but I haven't gotten to blogging until this afternoon. It's amazing how quickly our lives depend on technology... I am reminded each day how many things I do on the internet, one of the biggest being staying in touch with our parents. Kevin also does several courses online, so he is having a hard time getting his school finished each day. There is internet in the library on base, so we can go there to do stuff... it is just quite different than having a good connection at home!

Garry is riding along today-- Josh is flying! They had a call for an emergency flight this morning, but didn't leave until the weather cleared after lunch. The weather here still isn't great, but it is workable now, thankfully! And I guess the weather on the other end is good.

I have a lady helping me while we are here. She was telling me the other day about her daughter's schooling. Her daughter gets nearly perfect grades on every paper and every test (we're talking pre-K here as the girl is only 4 years old!), but when she got her report card her grades were only in the mid-80's. Apparently someone more important has a daughter who "needs" to be at the top of the class. As parents, their only recourse is to move their daughter to another school. And these grades matter dramatically-- an education is the only way people have a chance of breaking out of poverty. It broke my heart to think of the pressure on this little girl and how hard she's trying only to be thwarted by issues of status and poverty.

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