Saturday, September 01, 2012


Friday. Most weeks I welcome Friday with a special smile. This week, it's suddenly here. Since Mom Barkman moved to her mansion just two weeks ago, time is a strange thing. Days are endless, yet short.  We keep moving and doing, but so little gets done. I guess it's called grieving, and I suppose it's a full-time job for a while.

Grieving the loss we feel without Mom here where we can see her, grieving the life we left behind in the Philippines, and trying to adjust to life in Canada.

At the same time, rejoicing in the hope of heaven. Thankful for the rich heritage Mom passed on to each of us. Thankful for family and friends who gave us a warm welcome back to Canada. Thankful for the many tangible blessings we have. At some level we're excited about what's coming next, what God is up to in our lives.

And while we're processing, life goes on also. Meals, laundry, and cleaning for me. Errands to run, people to call. Garry is starting to work on aviation safety things. Kevin started badminton with the provincial team last weekend. Kaleb is busy riding his bicycle and making amazing technic inventions. Both boys have spent some time working on a turkey farm.

Last evening we started moving into our new home in Manitoba! What a blessing Emery and Bev have been to us, from moving out early to leaving so many things that make the transition easier. And besides that, they're just cool people!

Since we haven't really been taking any pictures since we arrived home, I thought I'd add a couple from our trip to North America.

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