Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Grocery shopping in Steinbach

I know that for those of you who have been shopping in Steinbach for years it isn't any big deal. In fact, it's a small town (more or less). It's quick and simple for plenty of people.

For me, on the other hand, shopping is still a major event: shopping on 10% Tuesday is a test of endurance. The stores are too big, the options are too many, and my experience is too small! I would hate to know how many times I walked back and forth in stores this morning, looking for things in aisles I'd already been down: I shudder to think how long I spent standing in front of displays pondering prices and comparing the options. And I hope nobody asks me exactly how I felt by the time I'd finished shopping and putting things away this morning!

You see, it isn't the "big things" that are mostly hard. What makes transitions hard is the sheer volume of new things you have to deal with. Grocery shopping for instance: multiple store options, prices, store layout, brand differences (or lack of difference), the number of ways you can buy things-- canned, frozen, fresh, the fact that I have no clue if I can/should ask a store employee for help finding something, new things like rain checks if something on sale is out of stock,  chip credit cards, and the ease of returning items... and that is just the relatively short list of what makes grocery shopping challenging. (Not to mention that I'm not sure I can find the store from my house yet, given my severe directional challenges!)

Apart from the trauma of shopping this morning, we are doing well. We moved into our new house over the weekend, and we're getting things settled, figuring out how to use the various spaces and furniture in our house. We are loving the yard and simply having our own space is a treat. It's been fun to unpack and find things we'd forgotten we have. Kevin tried his hand at grilling yesterday and we all enjoyed the results.

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