Saturday, September 29, 2012


Lately I've been doing a lot of blabbering on my blog, so today maybe I'll just share a bit of what is going on in our lives. We do, after all, still live normal lives even with all the upheaval we've been in, the silly things we do, and the many adjustments we're making!

We had our first hotdog roast in Canada just before Garry left. It was fun to sit by the fire and enjoy the warmth. We love watching the fire, and there's something about sitting by a blazing fire that makes conversation flow.

Garry is in Arizona this week, meeting with numerous people and enjoying being part of life there for a short while. The guys have come to some helpful conclusions about the future and Garry's priorities for the next while. He has enjoyed a lot of time just talking to people, hearing what is going on in McNeal and what God is doing in people's lives. It's always amazing to hear the God-story of another person's life, to realise that somehow God is working in and through and around all of us! How privileged we are to be part of the only truly epic story!

The boys and I are getting quite ready for Garry to come home already. We've had a busy week with school and badminton and a little bit of company. We've enjoyed reading aloud and listening to music. Kaleb has been building a fort out back. Kevin has been training hard and has gotten back to blogging.

We got a call this week that our shipment from the Philippines should be here on Wednesday or Thursday! When Garry gets home he'll have to go to Winnipeg while it clears customs, or some such thing. Then they will deliver it to our house.... and I'll let you know how we get it unloaded, it might be an adventure all its own! I'm actually looking forward to unpacking the crates and seeing what's in them as I was pretty sick when we did a lot of the packing.

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