Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Partying in Pennsylvania

We arrived in Pennsylvania early last Thursday morning: 2 am, to be exact. Your parents are really the only people's home where you can do that! Having left Manitoba at 3 pm on Tuesday, we were quite happy to be done driving, besides being thrilled to see my parents!

It's been particularly fun for me to be in Pennsylvania enjoying favorite places, reliving memories from my years living here, and enjoying hours and hours of catching up with Mom and Dad. As family we're enjoying my parents also-- evenings playing Skip-Bo, long coffees during the day, and the daily interaction of lots of people in one house! It's good to be here.

Next Sunday we'll be at Puzzletown Road Bible church and we are looking forward to catching up with friends there. We're also excited to meet the new pastor and his wife and hear more about what God is doing in that part of His vineyard.

We're all enjoying the unique beauty of Pennsylvania. The history in this area is readily apparent, and we love checking out the unique architecture and enjoying the beautiful views. I'll leave it at that for now-- after all, there's coffee to drink and a limited time to interact with my parents!

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The Roundy 7 said...

Wish we could of been there, but then we would have brought lots of noise and chaos. Glad you had a nice visit. Still feeling some guilt over not coming down but there are things that are not in our control. Your are beautiful Cynthia, and what a nice pic of you and Gram.