Thursday, December 20, 2012

Still doing PA

Thursday morning, and we've been in Pennsylvania 2 weeks! It's been a really amazing time so far. We shared at Puzzletown Church on Sunday and so enjoyed being back with that group of friends, worshipping together, and hearing how God has been at work here! We were amazed at how these friends have kept up with what God is doing in the Philippines and in our lives despite the distance. We really enjoyed Pastor Jon and his wife.

Family Christmas this week with my parents, my Gram, and a great aunt. Breakfast out with a friend. Bowling with my parents. A Christmas party with my Gram at Blair Chalet. And at least a million cups of coffee with good, long talks.

We've also been helping my parents sort through stuff, going through family memories from several generations. It's incredible to me to think of the lives already past and the small amount that's preserved from a relatively long life. Life here is, after all, quite short. What we do every day passes quickly into oblivion: yet the reputation of people remains-- friendly, caring, or grumpy. And our grandchildren and beyond will likely simply summarize our lives as a basic response to the circumstances of our lives. It challenges me to see life as a cup half full, to smile often, to simply care.

I also added some photos to the posts below-- scroll down to check out a couple photos of Kevin's 18th birthday and our first days in Pennsylvania!

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