Thursday, December 27, 2012

Home in Manitoba...

We finished our time in Pennsylvania making more memories and regretting that the time was so short. We enjoyed every moment with my parents, but there simply were not enough of them. And that's a good problem to have, really, when you think about it! We also reconnected a little with various people that we would have liked to spend more time with. All in all, we left wishing we'd had more time and with a deeper appreciation of the friends we have in Pennsylvania. Hopefully we can head back there soon!

We drove home straight through, a bit over 30 hours total. We were thankful for good weather for most of the trip, just a bit of snow and icy roads for a couple of hours. Quite amazing at this time of year! Gas prices are also down a bit, which was a blessing.

We got home in time to see Dad Barkman and Donna before they left for Texas, an extra blessing. And on Christmas Day itself we got to spend the evening with Brenda. Kaleb is busy biking and Kevin is at badminton camp for the rest of the week. In fact, Toby Ng from the Canadian national team is staying with us for a few days while he runs the camp for high performance!

It's good to be home in Manitoba:), though we miss our friends all over the world. I guess that's life in this world-- you can only be one place at a time! But eternity's coming!

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