Friday, May 17, 2013


The road goes on and on. The journey continues. The blessings pile up. The memories grow. What a privilege to do a bit traveling and connect with some of our friends and supporters. There is no way we could connect with everyone we would have liked to on this trip, but God has given us amazing opportunities to connect with many of you!

Our time in Ontario finished the way it began-- well! We heard passion for the world and passion for local kids. We heard about triumphs and challenges. We were amazed to see how similar our kids are to the kids of friends we haven't seen for many years. 

After Durham we stopped close to Hamilton and reconnected with a family that we met at a badminton tournament years ago. We enjoyed meeting more of the family and checking out Redeemer University. Kevin played some really fun badminton. We shared pizza at midnight. 
Then we headed south to Tennessee, stopping for a bit at Niagara Falls on the way. What beauty! What splendor! And to imagine that the God who crafted those falls chooses to make His home among us, to use us, to bless us. Wow!

We spent yesterday in Tennessee, reconnecting with friends from Garry's days at Moody Aviation. Once more, it's been amazing. God is writing amazing stories in the lives of our friends here! And it is good to recount the story He is writing in our lives as well. This morning we will meet more friends before heading south the my brother's place. Yes, a God journey, a part of the God story of our lives!


Benno said...

Hope the rest of your trip goes great. We really enjoyed seeing you again, connecting around the Lord and around badminton.

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

It's been great so far... tonight in Fargo, ND and tomorrow we're home again! Wow, it's been amazing to hear God stories and share them, to connect with you and other friends, and to enjoy God's creation!