Monday, May 06, 2013

Home and off again!

Kevin and I got home very early Saturday morning (think 2 am early!) and we'll be off to our next adventure on Wednesday morning. It seems like a pretty quick turn around, but that might have something to do with being slightly sleep deprived, Kevin being sick with a nasty flu, and a somewhat long list of things that need done before we take off.

PNG beauty
While Kevin and I were gone Garry finished up the things that were on his to-do-before-the end-of-April list. He and Kaleb also cleaned up outside, enjoyed a few evenings with friends, and got a lot of things ready for our trip. In other words, while we were playing, they were working!

 Some of you may have noticed the page I put up about Jr Nationals-- I'll leave it there for another week or so in case anybody is interested, then I'll just delete it. To sum it up, we had a great week and Kevin got to quarter finals in U19 Boys singles. We also had some very cool opportunities to engage with people, opportunties to live honestly and plant seeds in the lives of people around us.

Yesterday two of our nieces arrived, and it was so much fun to enjoy dinner together and catch up a bit! Family is just that much  more special when you seldom see them. It was really fun to hear a bit about their lives and see how they've changed in the years since we've seen them. It does, however, make it that much harder to leave on Wednesday...

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