Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Saskatoon and Manitoba

Kevin and I are at Jr Nationals in Saskatoon, and he's playing his heart out and enjoying it. I decided to add a page about nationals for the simple reason that I think God has a plan for our time here. I'll try to keep nationals on that page and update it daily, since it's only a week we have here.

These "Rice Bubbles" made Garry smile while he was in New Guinea. Same thing, bit of a different name. So for some of you this will look very familiar, while others like me will have a chuckle.

Garry and Kaleb are home, and it sounds like they're having fun and getting lots done besides. Garry's been working on a revision to our aviation Ops Manual, and he finished the first draft of that this morning, which is a nice thing to have done!

Our friends did come by Friday night, and we had a lovely evening with them. Their hearts encouraged us. Their lives blessed us. We talked about a lot of things, but the conversation continually circled back to how God speaks to us when (if) we are willing to listen and obey. Amen. He is good, and He is God!

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