Sunday, April 21, 2013

Early airport runs...

At 6:30 this  morning I was dropping Garry off at the airport. Strange, I've done this so often in the last years, and yet every time brings tears to my eyes. I don't like saying goodbye, and when the drive and goodbye cut into the time I would otherwise have been sleeping, it doesn't help matters any! However, after dropping Garry off I had such an easy drive out of town that it seemed almost worth getting up early. Good music blaring, virtually no traffic, and a bit of time to think and pray. What a lovely way to start Sunday!

Garry is off to Arizona again, this time to give a report on the aviation safety department to our Board of Directors. We are looking forward to what God has in mind for the short time he's there, and we walk with the assurance that God does, indeed, have something in mind! What a privilege it is to walk in His light and follow His ways!

This week Kevin took some time off badminton, a rather interesting thing to do with nationals just two weeks away! But we felt that God was leading this way, and it has been such a blessing to have the extra time. And Kevin has been rejuvenated by the rest and reenergised by the time away from badminton. Reminds me of sabbath-- God's gift of rest to us as His people. And yes, God's ways always bear good fruit!


Benno said...

Rest is good for players who train hard. Sometimes that is what they need the most before a big event. Hope it goes well for Kevin.

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

Thanks, Benno! A week off has been really good. Now it's back to some fun play until nationals:).